Saturday, September 29, 2018

How to Show Full Post on Post Page in WordPress Theme Primer/Stout/Mins

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Sometimes it is needed to show the full post or full article on the homepage or the post page in WordPress. Some WordPress themes have options whether you wanna show full content or just the excerpt on the post page but many themes don't.

The WordPress theme Primer (Stout, Mins), which is offered by GoDaddy for free, does not have option of showing full content instead of the excerpt on the homepage or the post page.

But... you can get this done by doing some slight changes in the theme codes from the Appearance > Editor.

Remember, there's always a way. ;)

So, let me explain what I'm talking about...

Show Full Content Instead of Excerpt on the Homepage or Post Page in the WordPress theme Primer/Stout/Mins

Hope you have already installed the theme Primer in your WordPress website. Now, log in to the wp-admin and navigate to the Appearance > Editor where you will have all the theme files in the right hand list.

Select the theme Primer from the right hand side drop down menu, if not already selected; as shown in the image below:

Navigate to content.php from the Right Hand Side Navigation

From the Right Hand Side navigation menu, select the content.php and there you go. You have to do a minor edit in order to show the full post.

After you click the content.php, search for "excerpt" by clicking the Ctrl+F button. The search term "excerpt" should be in the 55th line of the code.

Now, you just have to replace the text "excerpt" with "content" and you will start seeing full post on the homepage or the post page.

Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments.
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