Remove Footer Credits of the WordPress Theme Twenty Fifteen (2015)

How do you remove the footer credits and show a custom copyright text in the WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen?

Here's a quick guide on the same which will let you add Custom Footer Copyright Texts in the WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen by removing the default Proudly Powered by WordPress credits.

Twenty Fifteen is a clean, blog-focused, and designed for clarity WordPress Theme.

With more than 400,000 active installs, it offers a simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages. It is designed using a mobile-first approach, meaning your content takes center-stage, regardless of whether your visitors arrive by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Let's get started with the removal of Proudly Powered by WordPress text from the footer of the WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen.

Steps to Add Custom Copyright Text by Removing the Default Footer Credits from the WordPress Theme Twenty Fifteen

Here's the step-to-step guide on the same:

Step 1: Log in to the wp-admin

First of all, log in to the wp-admin of your website and install the theme Twenty Fifteen if you haven't done it already.

Step 2: Open the Theme Editor

Navigate to the Appearance menu from the admin panel and then click on the Editor option i.e. Appearance > Editor.

Step 3: Locate footer.php from the Right Hand Side Navigation Menu

From the right side navigation, look for the file named as footer.php (Theme Footer) and you can edit some codes and make it look as per your desired look.

Step 4: Start Editing the File footer.php

I'm not a coder, but still, it's quite easy to add custom copyright texts by removing the default one.

You will just have to edit codes in the lines 30 and 31 (in the Twenty Fifteen Version 2.0) in the footer.php file.

For Example, if you want to appear your copyright texts as "Copyright © 2018 | YourWebsite", then you have to replace lines 26 and 27 in your footer.php with the following lines:

<a href="<?php echo esc_url( __( '', 'twentyfifteen' ) ); ?>" class="imprint">
<?php printf( __( 'Copyright © 2018 | YourWebsite', 'twentyfifteen' ), 'WordPress' ); ?>

As it is shown in the image below:

Where YourWebsite is the name of your website and is the address of your website.

That's it.

You're done with adding a custom copyright text to your WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen v2.0.

How to Just Hide the Default Footer Credits of WordPress Theme Twenty Fifteen

If you just want to hide the footer credits from the WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen without adding a custom copyright text then that's even easier. Just navigate to Appearance >Customize> Additional CSS and add the following CSS lines:

display: none;

Which will look something like this:

That's it.

If you have got any better soultion, then please let others know in the comments below.
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